The Author

Gary E. J. Kain has always loved American history. His fascination with the western era, coupled with his experiences, led to the writing of A Man Called Ants.

Before he served with the 7th Infantry Division in Korea, he had the opportunity to work with Roy Rogers and Iron Eyes Cody, mainly in stadiums where they did fancy gun work, and at the same time, teach gun safety. Iron Eyes would tell his famous stories and Roy Rogers would play “dead eye/black eye” by having the crowd participate and hiss “black eye” if he missed the clay bird and yelling “dead eye” if he hit it. Gary’s part was always getting “shot” off a running horse and being dragged for several yards. Good news. It was always a smart horse who never stepped on him.

Between colleges and graduation, Gary worked with the U. S. Forest Service, right along with several Hopi-Tewa Indians from New Mexico. First day out, he accidently set the fire truck on fire, but not to worry, he went on to become part of a Heli-Tack crew and learned to jump from helicopters to lay fire breaks.

Gary has been married for over fifty years with two children, Noelle and AJ, three grandchildren, and one great grandson. Hurrikain Harley is his faithful four-legged companion and vice president of security at the Kain household. His wife, Brenda, serves as his editor, to control his rambling, she says.

His first book, Selfie, was written for his children so they wouldn’t have to listen to his life time stories, over and over again.